“Annie is the first childcare, postnatal professional who enabled me to feel empowered, like I had the answers as a mother. That my feelings, impulses, intuition was correct and valuable above any other expert. She guided me into mothering my daughter Oak so gracefully. Mothering from my centre. It’s not that she taught me any new information it’s that she gave me permission to be myself as a mother. And to relax, trust and get to know and read my baby’s signals effectively.” Alex

“Thank you so much for all of your help with Seb! I really appreciated your wonderful soothing manner and patience! You helped me restore my confidence!” Amy (Postnatal and breastfeeding)

“ANNIE and PHIL are a dream team for new parents. The wisdom, sensitivity, clarity and kindness they offered us were a great support to us when Willow-Maria arrived. This was especially appreciated as the birth was a bit more complicated than we had hoped for”. Keef (Early Days Support Craniosacral Therapy).

“Annie is an amazing support, she made me feel safe to talk about what was really on my mind and to share some truths and fears.
I like how our session was emerging according to my needs and what came up.
I felt held, heard and left the session feeling more confident about how I will approach the very early stages of motherhood and the importance of taking the time to truly drop in, be with and learn with my baby”. Nikki (Pregnancy Session).