About me

My name is Annie Reid.

I live in Mid Devon and have previously worked as a midwife, health visitor and psychotherapist. I now work independently as Early Days Support so that I can spend more time focusing on supporting wellbeing and strong connections between babies and parents.

I bring to Early Days Support my broad experience and a passionate belief in the importance of mothering. I believe the partner has a crucial role and, in supporting mother and baby, they facilitate family and whole community wellbeing. I believe communication and mutual appreciation of your different roles are key and that both parents benefit from support to enable them to do the exceptional job that is caring for a newborn baby.

My qualifications

These include:

Midwifery (DipHE University of Plymouth, Distinction)

I spent most of my career as a midwife in a Birth Centre and in the community. I was especially interested in supporting natural labour and birth, breastfeeding and caring for the family bond, through individualised care. I have a long standing interest in the way the experience of labour and birth impacts mothers, partners and babies individually and in relationship.

Health Visiting (BScHons Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, University of Greenwich, First Class)

When I became a health visitor my focus on the family system widened and the baby’s experience became central. 

Psychotherapy (Diploma Core Process Psychotherapy, Karuna Institute, Devon)

Before I became a midwife I worked as a psychotherapist, following four years training. This training was grounded in the principles of awareness, mindfulness, compassion, presence, acceptance and this foundation has remained at the heart of my work. I studied pre and perinatal psychology, birth patterning, shock and trauma and how these manifested in the body. The clients I worked with often brought issues, consciously and unconsciously, that related to their own birth or giving birth .

I also practiced Co-counselling, a form of peer counselling that is very accessible and useful for parents.

Integrative Baby Therapy (Trainee) 

I am currently completing my training in Integrative Baby Therapy. This way of working combines my broad qualifications, skills and experience with my approach to promoting wellbeing and connection through presence, awareness and compassion.

Birth and the time in the womb are formative periods. I hold the space for your baby to tell us something of their story, of what unsettles or troubles them, through their baby body language. Babies have a natural impulse to express themselves and when they are met in this and listened to empathically they are able to let go of negative experiences.

The family is a dynamic system and this work can make way for more settledness and connection.

Developmental Baby Massage

I am a certified teacher of Developmental Baby Massage. This form of massage supports your baby’s physical and brain development. It helps them learn to move their body fluidly and develop strength and ease from the start.

Newborn Behavioural Observations (The Brazelton Centre UK)

A newborn baby communicates through their behaviour. The Newborn Behavioural Observations are a set of observations we do together that bring attention and curiosity to their movements and responses and support your understanding of these signs, that indicate their characteristics, who they are, what they like and what they find challenging.

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