Beyond the Early Days

It is not just in the Early Days that parents need support.

  • You may feel you want to be heard and held as you explore your experience of the birth, the pregnancy or breastfeeding, especially if you feel it did not match your expectations or hopes.
  • If you struggled with breastfeeding or stopped before you had planned to, you may have unresolved feelings or questions about your experience and be ready to bring some attention to them to help to integrate them.
  • You may be having a second or third child and have issues emerging from a previous experience, that have an impact on this pregnancy, birth or Early Days.
  • Parenting challenges our beliefs, our patterns of behaviour, our attitudes, our self confidence, our relationships, our sense of self and place in society. Children teach us so much about ourselves but sometimes this is difficult and needs support because the child inside us wants to be heard too.
  • Integrative Baby Therapy can be helpful at any stage, especially in the first two years, to explore any early issues the baby is still holding onto.

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