This is Early Days Support for parents

Supporting parents in the transition of the Early Days after birth.

Individualised and holistic with you at the heart.

Enhancing connection and wellbeing for parents and babies.

Expert professional one to one support in your own home and online

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Unsettled baby, crying
  • Building connection and communication.
  • Mindful authentic parenting
  • Enhancing bonding and attachment
  • Understanding your baby
  • Confidence building
  • Integrating the birth process

Helping you meet the challenges of the first weeks with your new baby 

In the Early Days you may feel at your most vulnerable and uncertain, even when you have had a baby before. You may feel overwhelmed by information and out of touch with your own sense of what feels right. Yet at the same time you may be experiencing a new, perhaps unrecognised, instinctual ability to respond to and communicate with your newborn baby. 

The first days and weeks are a period of change and adjustment for both parents. It can feel overwhelming and isolating and challenging at times, as you surrender to the intensity of the early days. It can be different from your expectations. Alongside practical support, talking and being listened to can often help to integrate the feelings that come up. Early Days Support offers you an opportunity to see how you are in these tender days after the birth, whatever your experience of pregnancy, birth, feeding and caring for your baby. This may leave you more emotional space to respond to your newborn and focus on that relationship, building strong foundations for your family and the future.

You already have expertise and know your baby better than anyone else does. We explore together your baby’s signals and cues and how you can read and interpret their amazing body language and behaviours, bringing attention to their individual characteristics, personality and needs.  This is a way of building the connection between you and your baby and establishing co-regulation for mental health and wellbeing.

A nurturing environment can develop your confidence and resilience, your skills and understanding. It can support you to grow into your new roles as parents, more able to ask for help and sure enough that you can meet the needs of your newborn. It can support you to maintain your sense of self and to stay in communication with each other. These layers of support can be key in building safety and resources to help you be present and available to listen to what your baby is telling you they need to be all that they can be.

Breastfeeding: Establishing feeding can be challenging and emotional in the Early Days and can seem impossibly difficult. There are many things that may interfere with the process and if you want to continue to breastfeed it is especially then that practical and emotional support, that is personal and responsive, can make all the difference to your experience. Breastfeeding is about so much more than providing food.

I endeavour to be flexible enough to meet you as soon as possible, because in the Early Days, every day, every hour counts.

Early Days Support with Craniosacral Therapy is a holistic and organic way of working with you and your baby. It can be especially helpful for unsettled babies and inconsolable crying and when there are breastfeeding issues.

For many the birth experience takes time to process and integrate. Mother, baby and father may have had quite different experiences. We combine the support and holding of Early Days Support with Craniosacral Therapy  for your baby, and for you if appropriate, working responsively with what emerges in the session.

It is a holistic and therapeutic process and engages with your self awareness, instinct and intrinsic health.  Together we can offer you what we consider the most complete postnatal support.

We are currently offering these combined sessions by donation in Exeter (see Booking).

Home Visits. At this time you may want to remain in your own world with your baby,  ‘nesting’ together, getting to know each other. It is one of the ways you can care for yourselves. It helps establish feeding and bonding. If you feel vulnerable, uncomfortable or tired from labour and lack of sleep you may not want to have to go out to an appointment.

I will come to you at home, at a time that suits you, to work with your specific individual needs.

If you prefer, or we live too far apart, we can do a session by video call.


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