One to one support  for parents in your own home or via internet, helping you meet the challenges of the first weeks with your newborn. 

Breastfeeding Support

Enhancing Bonding and Attachment

Unsettled babies

Understanding your baby’s behaviour and needs

Newborn Behavioural Observations (NBO)

Confidence building

Emotional wellbeing

Integrating the experience of labour and birth

Mindful Pregnancy Support

Mindful Parenting Support

Early Days Support Craniosacral Therapy

Planning your Early Days Support

Contact me via text, WhatsApp or email to discuss what support you would like and arrange a session (no charge).


You may prefer a home visit or sessions via Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp video or a combination of home and distance contact.

I live in mid Devon and can do home visits in a wide area (see map), including Exeter. Please ask if you live outside this area and would like a home visit as I will do my best to meet your needs. Costs (see page) may vary according to distance travelled.


Daytime, evening and weekend contacts available.

You may want one session or a series of sessions. They can be booked in advance as a package or arranged as we go along according to what arises.

A first meeting in pregnancy between 30 and 36 weeks, ideally with both parents, is an opportunity to consider the connection you already have with your baby and with each other and explore challenges and fears, especially relating to labour, birth, breastfeeding and the Early Days. This can support you in Mindful Pregnancy and preparation for Mindful Parenting.

When you have given birth I will see you as soon after as feels appropriate within the first week, if possible. You can contact me from hospital or home.


Breastfeeding support 

I offer breastfeeding support that is holistic and individual.

It is most effective to get support as soon as possible.

Early Days Support with Craniosacral Therapy.

This is a combined session with Craniosacral Therapist and Living Inquiries practitioner Philip Humphreys. We consider this way of working to offer the most complete postnatal support. It combines Craniosacral Therapy with my holding and support,  as we give attention to your baby. It is an opportunity for processing and integrating the birth experience. This way of working means mother and baby both have someone looking out for them. While your baby has a treatment you are also supported and there is more space for your own process. You can also have some Craniosacral work, to support your postnatal body and mind in its healing process. We work flexibly during the session, responding to your needs. This means your baby may have more than one treatment within the time, with breaks that allow settling, for processing and integration. 

Phil also works from a practice in central Exeter if you would like more Craniosacral Therapy for babies and parents. Please see his website, .You can contact him on 07804 895214 or email

Daytime, evening and weekend contacts available.

  • Home visits in mid Devon and Exeter. Please ask if you live outside this area and would like a home visit and I will do my best to meet your needs. Costs (see page) vary according to distance travelled so please get in touch to see if I can make a home visit.

Face to face can be easier but if you prefer, or a home visit is not possible, we can talk on:

  • Skype
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email

All Sessions include:

    • Emotional and practical support
    • Enhancing your connection with your baby, bonding, understanding and responding to your unique baby
    • Nurturing and confidence building
    • Identifying your resources
    • Building your resilience

Gift Cards are available for single or multiple sessions.


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